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How Social Media Managers Spend Their Days . . . and Nights

Looking at this infographic reminds me of what my partner used to say:

“You are always on that damned computer!” Sound familiar on either side of the conversation?

Maybe I should show him this.  The truth is, it’s just not a 9 to 5 job . . .and no, he still doesn’t get it.

Considering all the time I’ve spent reviewing and learning about analytics online and offline over the past few years, this graphic listing does not seem to represent the time nor effort invested by many managers these days, as the cry for ROI  becomes a roar.

I’ll be posting a lot on measuring, because in 2011, that’s what the boss/client wants to/should hear about.  Whether they realize it yet or not.

What has your experience been as a manager or working with one compared to what you see here in  any of the areas?


Do you find any of the info on this schedule graphic surprising?


Original Post and Infographic on SocialCast’s THE FUTURE OF WORK Blog:



Graphic of experience, pay and gender for Social Media Managers
How about the pay level? Is that surprising? Or the level of experience?



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